NFT Review #13: Reinventing NFTs, Altering Destinies

Alipay fights NFT speculation, Kusama to come alive in the real world, Cool Cats collaborate with TIME Magazine, and more.

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Dear NFT enthusiast,

It’s easy to be swept away by the euphoria of Cryptopunks and other similar projects selling for millions of dollars, believing that this is what NFTs were made for. But you would be incredibly wrong. To see just how wrong, you need to know some of what we know.

The first step to doing that is watching the Reinventing NFTs with Polkadot discussion hosted by Outlier Ventures, featuring the founders of Unique Network, Bit.Country, and RMRK. Watching this discussion will open your mind to the glaring future of NFTs, showing us a glimpse of Dotsama’s (Polkadot + Kusama) potential in relation to chain interoperability.

We refuse to believe that the destiny of NFTs is to be digital collectibles whose only collection includes digital dust. I mean, if that was destiny, then why do we have NFTs that teleport between chains, NFTs that own other NFTs, NFTs that change based on conditions, in short, NFTs that can almost do it all. Then add to this the fact that Unique Network is building an NFT-focused chain with the goal of making freemium gaming and play-to-earn its default reality. This is all without considering what Bit.Country brings to the table.

In summary, the NFT journey on Dotsama is going to be unlike anything the crypto world has had so far. The worst thing you can do to yourself as an early pioneer of this revolutionary technology is to close your mind to the infinite possibilities available just because they aren’t making headlines with gobsmacking prices.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.

— NFT Review

👨🏼‍🎨  RMRK Artist Spotlight: Code and His Ku Collection

In this week's episode of Artist Spotlight, we caught up with Code, the creator of the Ku Collection, a fun collection of NFT birds whose designs are heavily inspired by some of pop culture's most memorable characters, animals, moods, etc.

In our interview, we talked about Code's journey into art and crypto, his thoughts on the NFT space, his inspirations, and much more. In particular, crypto artists looking to release their own collections could learn a thing or two from Code's perspective on what it takes to create a successful project.

Read the interview

📬 NFT News from Kusama & Polkadot

Twitter avatar for @BitDotCountryBit.Country - Metaverse Hub of Polkadot @BitDotCountry
[Alpha 0.1 Screenshot]
Bit.Country's #PlayToEarn economic model enables users to earn by doing value added work for different bit countries.
Twitter avatar for Official @RmrkApp
We were happy to collab with @cryptoartsy and team on making this possible. The awesomeness of what you'll be able to see on via this project (and beyond) is just getting started.

Cointelegraph @Cointelegraph

A 19,000 square foot art installation will allow viewers to touch, see, and hear the history of the @kusamanetwork.

🗞 NFT News from Ethereum and Beyond

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