NFT Review 20 - A RMRKable Hacktoberfest

Biggest NFT sale on Kusama, Twitter playing more with NFTs, TikTok launching NFT collection, and more.

NFT Review is a weekly newsletter covering NFTs in the Web3 ecosystem on Polkadot’s side of the woods. The newsletter is put together by Bruno Škvorc and gbaci.

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Dear NFT enthusiast,

It’s been a RMRKable week here at RMRK. Kanaria broke its ATH in sales with little to no effort.

Polkadot founder, Gavin Wood, made a tweet about Singular—talk about being on cloud nine!

All of this is fantastic, but then, we are a pretty serious team and are fully aware that our progress demands further progress. To this end, we are hosting a month-long hackathon in October. We are calling on all competent developers (React, Typescript, Rust, Solidity, etc.) to show up and stand a chance to win a decent piece of the $50,000 prize pool.

Unlike most basic hackathons that only consider the developers, ours also creates participation for non-developers. If you’re a creative (writer, concept artist, digital artist, etc.), then you can participate in our Hacktoberfest’s designathon to win some pretty sweet prizes.

The hackathon, in partnership with ecosystem heavy-hitters like PAKA, Phala, PoCoCo, D1, Signum, Illusionist Group, Subsquid, and AMPnet, is meant to expand the NFT ecosystem on DotSama (Polkadot and Kusama) by building on top of and around the RMRK protocol and its tools and products.

Kindly share the link with any developers and creatives you know. Thank you for reading and have a great week.

Register for Hacktoberfest

— NFT Review

📬 NFT News from Kusama & Polkadot

  • Irina Karagyaur, Unique Network’s Head of Metaverse growth, wrote a case study on Unique Network.

  • Kraken interviewed RMRK founder Bruno Škvorc in their newest edition of Parachain Auctions Podcast.

  • Kanaria (home of NFT 2.0) has netted over 6,767 KSM (~ $2.3m) in sales volume over the last 7 days, and 18,145 KSM (~ $6.1m) in total since trading started less than a month ago.

    » Both Super Founder #4 (1,600 KSM = $541k) and Super Founder #5 (1, 350 KSM = $450k) sold in rapid succession for the most and second most expensive NFTs ever sold on Kusama.

    » Excalibur was sold for 20 KSM (~ $6,678), making it the most expensive item that traded in the Kanaria universe in the last 7 days.

🗞 NFT News from Ethereum and Beyond

  • Twitter has unveiled an in-development tool that will enable users to display a verified NFT as their profile picture.

  • Mila Kunis’s Stoner Cats—the NFT project tied to an animated cartoon series—is offering two members of the community a chance to feature as guest stars for the second episode.

  • Racing Time is a next-gen racing game in which players can customize their race car using NFTs, ranging from skins to parts of the virtual engine.

  • WarnerMedia’s superhero comic giant DC has partnered with Palm NFT Studio to release tokenized comic book covers depicting superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

  • The Club721 launched a new collection on OpenSea.

  • Copernic Space and Lunar Outpost are set to launch a public sale for tokenized payload space in a lunar lander headed for the moon in Q4 2022. Ownership of the NFT will reportedly confer ownership of the payload space within the lander denominated in kilograms (kg).

  • Aavegotchi is coming to Ethereum via Rarible.

That’s all for this week, see you in the next edition! Got some links to share with us, artists to feature, NFTs to sell, jobs to promote, or events to popularize? Get in touch with Bruno or gbaci!