NFT Review #4

Unique x RMRK unveil first cross-chain NFTs, Enjin x Health Hero launch NFT-enabled wellness app, Cometh x Polygon release esports game

NFT Review is a weekly newsletter covering NFTs in the Web3 ecosystem on Polkadot’s side of the woods. The newsletter is put together by Bruno Škvorc and Gilbert Bassey.

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Dear NFT enthusiast,

It was another exciting week in the NFT space filled with partnership announcements and ecosystem updates.

Following the bearish claims last week that NFTs were dead because of a slump in weekly volume, NFTs are still netting collectors and traders unreal amounts in sales. The price floor for CryptoPunk is now 15 ETH ($36,400), while a CryptoPunk Alien sold for $11.75million amid Sotheby’s “Natively Digital” curated NFT auctions.

But high sales aren’t the only thing NFTs are good for. For this reason, we try to limit our exposure to sales-related news in favor of a greater focus on the ecosystem’s development. This week we have some terrific ecosystem partnerships and initiatives with the goal to drive NFT adoption far beyond what we currently have.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.

NFT Review

📮 RMRK Ecosystem Updates

👨🏼‍🎨 RMRK Artist Spotlight: Pirate Sheep

On this week's RMRK Artist Spotlight, we had a chat with Pirate Sheep, a multimedia artist and animator from Croatia who created Freshly Hatched that's currently listed for 20KSM on Singular. We spoke about her love for various NFT platforms, her creation process, and a lot more.

First Hou-ou Festival Event Holds In the Metaverse

The first live event of the Hou-ou festival season took place in the Metaverse. Dubbed Close and Personal, it was hosted by eminent crypto artist XyloDrone and attended by 30 whitelisted members of the vibrant RMRK community. There was an AMA with RMRK founder Bruno Škvorc.

Hou-ou Festival Meme Competition

Last week, RMRK announced that 10 Limited Edition Kanaria Eggs are up for grabs. The eggs are to be awarded to those that create the best memes around egg burning in honor of the Hou-ou festival. Winners will be announced on 28th June. Can you make great memes? Then create one for Hou-ou and share via Twitter by tagging @RmrkApp + #meme #houou

RMRK x Unique Network Announce First Cross-Chain NFTs

Last week, RMRK and Unique Network announced a merging of the Substrate-based Chelobricks NFT collection with the Kusama-based Kanaria NFT collection, thus unveiling the first cross-chain NFTs with composable functionality and evolving traits.

5 Rare Eggs Up For Grabs

An idea contest was announced to reward those who can come up with the best use cases for RMRK 2.0 powered NFTs. The 5 best ideas will win a Rare Egg each ($xx value) or, if the Rares sellout, 10 Limited Edition eggs each. To participate:

Voting Opens For Kanaria Art Contest and Deadline Extended

On Sunday, 13th June voting was opened for the Kanaria Art Contest. It will stay open until June 29th, which is also the new deadline for artists to make their entries. You can read this post to learn more about the date adjustments and the mechanics of voting, particularly how vote weights are assigned to different accounts.

📬 NFT News from Kusama & Polkadot

  • Unique Network completes milestone 2 of substrates builder’s program. Read the details in this release by Parity.

🗞 NFT News from Ethereum and Beyond

  • OpenSea has improved its fight against deceptive NFT offers by more prominently displaying the value and ticker symbol of bids.

  • Axie Infinity’s Ronin wallet has gotten over 100,000 downloads on the chrome extension marketplace.

  • The latest curated drop on generative art platform Art Blocks, Fidenza, was a success. Artist Tyler Hobbs sold out all 999 pieces in the series in 20 minutes for 170 ETH.

That’s all for this week, see you in the next edition! Got some links to share with us, artists to feature, NFTs to sell, jobs to promote, or events to popularize? Get in touch with Bruno or gbaci!