NFT Review #5 - Adopters Adopting

First NFT real estate transaction for 36ETH, Fox launches $100m NFT fund, US Space Force joins the NFT movement

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Dear NFT enthusiast,

It was an interesting week for NFTs. We had the mouthwatering sales we are used to—the highest of which was the Doge meme NFT that sold for 1696.9 ETH 🤯

However, like we’ve said before, high value sales are not all that NFTs are good for. This last week was special because adoption for NFTs ramped up a great deal with Burberry, Fox, and US Space Force joining in. We can’t help but wonder what will happen when all the investments in the NFT space start to pay off—and we do believe they will, although maybe not all.

In the end, we are happy that despite the crypto market being the lowest its been all year, the rate of NFT adoption isn’t slowing down at all, instead, it seems to be ramping up.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.

— NFT Review

👨🏼‍🎨  RMRK Artist Spotlight

On this week's episode of Artist Spotlight, we caught up with ediv, one of the most active artists in the Kusama NFT ecosystem. He lives in Southern California and has minted 4 collections till date--Dedhorse, Dedhorse Drops, Paranoia at Sea, and Petri Dish.

We had a very illuminating discussion about NFTs, decentralization, RMRK 2.0, and many more. At some point, ediv even hits us with some philosophical thoughts. All in all, it was one of our best interviews here at RMRK. Click here to read.

📬 NFT News from Kusama & Polkadot

  • RMRK announced a new partnership with Bifrost that will see Kanaria egg holders get extra benefits from Bifrost’s crowdloan activities. Also, Bifrost crowdloan participants who claim Kanaria eggs will get extra benefits from RMRK.

  • Bit.Country announced a freestyle design competition open to professional and young designers, welcoming them to contribute their original works, whether they are skyscrapers or street corner tiles.

🗞 NFT News from Ethereum and Beyond

  • NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, when asked about the metaverse this week, said: “I believe we’re right on the cusp of it. [...] It has real design. It has a real economy. You have a real avatar. That avatar belongs to you and is you.”

  • Luxury fashion company Burberry partnered with Mythical Games to have exclusive NFTs featured in the game.

That’s all for this week, see you in the next edition! Got some links to share with us, artists to feature, NFTs to sell, jobs to promote, or events to popularize? Get in touch with Bruno or gbaci!