NFT Review #7: Breaking Records and Runtimes

A record-setting week for Axie Infinity, a record-breaking week for OpenSea, and RMRK breaks Kusama a second time

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Dear NFT enthusiast,

Last week, we reported that hip hop mogul Jay Z had caught the NFT bug, selling his first NFT for $139,000 at Sothebys. This week, it’s Katy Perry who has joined the fun. The pop superstar announced that she will be dropping an NFT collection this year.

At this point, it is safe to say that (1) creators love NFTs and (2) we haven’t scratched the surface of NFT penetration into creator-fan relationships. We envision a future where every creator with a following will have an NFT-based relationship with their hardcore fans.

To guide us towards this future of freedom for creators, the builders are hard at work. Catch some of the latest updates from the NFT frontlines below, feauring a record-setting week for Axie Infinity, a record-breaking week for OpenSea, and RMRK breaking Kusama a second time.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.

— NFT Review

👨🏼‍🎨  RMRK Artist Spotlight: Nuetosis Talks About Groundbreaking NFT Project

On this week's episode of Artist Spotlight, we caught up with Nuetosis, the creator of the first-of-its-kind storified NFT series Reapers v Androids.

The story of the Reapers v Androids is told through art, online social media battles, and various other methods still in development. The cardholders are able to steer the story through battles, wars, character transformations, and creating new characters.

Read the interview to learn more about this groundbreaking NFT series and the man that created it.

📬 NFT News from Kusama & Polkadot

Twitter avatar for @Elevate_CVElevate Community Ventures @Elevate_CV
Kanaria are running an art contest: ✏️✏️ Voting on entries costs $2 per entry per first vote. Each first vote per entry counts as a raffle ticket, and the winner gets 5% of the pot, which is $40000 + the sum of all the $2 votes. 💵 Image

🗞 NFT News from Ethereum and Beyond

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